Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda) is one of the world’s greatest desert river basins and it is currently under threat from a range of development pressures. The Lake Eyre Basin Traditional Owners Alliance (The Alliance) are standing together to co-develop and manage the waterways, floodplains and ground waters of the Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda) basin for future generations.

Co-development is a model that when embraced can bring government and industry closer to us, and closer to understanding the problems that need to be delivered with greater impact, which leads towards the aspirations of this group. Therefore, we extend an invitation for you to meet with us.

The Lake Eyre Basin Traditional Owners Alliance will facilitate and coordinate multiple agencies and industries participation to tackle the diverse challenges that we face in protection of our inherited obligation for the river systems.

The Alliance will reposition ourselves and assert our collective authority and offer a disruptive model of change for government, industry and stakeholders to evolve with us.

We now work in multiple jurisdictions, to assert our cultural knowledge that our waterways must stay free flowing since time immemorial.

Our aim is to provide greater opportunities for The Alliance to engage in new partnerships and strengthen relationships with government, industry, stakeholders, and community.

The Alliance will collaborate on the priorities raised by Lake Eyre Basin language groups, with government and industry, to transform the landscape, sparking a new, innovative approach in protecting our river ways and water.

We are the First Government of Australia. Our grandmothers, grandfathers, and ancestors were the first lore/law makers of the land, fire, water, sky and underground. We do not want the rivers to be in chains like our ancestors before us. 

In essence, we acknowledge and continue to support the Tibooburra Resolution (2011) and the ‘Our Water, Our Future Statement (2019)’

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